The Ultimate Omnichannel Sales Plays for 2021

Featuring Becc Holland
CEO & Founder, Flip the Script

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About this session

From how to quickly personalize emails to your prospects to building hyper-relevant messages without spending much time on research: Becc Holland will dig into how to build a playbook based on triggers that matter to your buyers & the data points you'll need to measure to focus on winning cadences that matter. Bonus: She'll share with attendees 'The Comprehensive Encyclopedia of All of the Sales Cadences You Can Run'!

What You’ll Learn:

  • A comprehensive list of ALL of the sales plays you can run as an organization.

  • The email templates, cold calls, voicemails & videos for each step of the "Cold Outbound Sequence".

  • The messaging infrastructure for the (2) videos & (5) emails in the sequence.

  • How to incorporate 1: Many premises (Relevance) & 1:1 premises (Personalization).

  • What’s the perfect blend of quality & quantity to drive real results predictably, repeatedly, and at scale.

  • What data to track to understand which sequences to prioritize to drive the results you.

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Becc Holland

Opinionated girl from Texas who lives in San Francisco, loves data, buys too many shoes & just wants to make the "Sales World" a better place to be in.

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